My abiding in Christ is everything that is for me.

A Blessed Family-Written by Dr. Paul H. Pang

This book introduces the importance of building up a blessed family as a primary beautiful plan of the Lord for mankind.

First, it gives concepts on the impact of raising children with a godly perspective of marriage and parenthood. It also emphasizes on the need of parents to take time to study well on this matter before even considering to build up a family. Thus, the relationship between husbands and wives must be nurtured by following the guidelines of the Bible which ultimately leads to success on building a blessed family. In this book, the responsibilities of the wife, the husband and the children are given clarity through Scriptures.

This book clearly points out to the sanctity of marriage and the need for each member of the family to hold on despite difficulties of life. Moreover, Chap. 7 enumerates the basic need of children which is essential to parenthood with Chap. 8 giving suggestions on their proper training.

In addition, Chap.9 clearly offers the readers the role of teaching the children in the Lord which focuses on spiritual education and the teaching of the Word of God. This book is useful to new parents and guardians of children and young people, as well as teachers who have the goal of training the next generation for the Lord.  The My Plan section allows the students to think ahead of the benefits of setting goals to improve their family goals and relationships based on the Creator’s original plan.

This booklet serves as an effective tool in the teaching of not only the parents in our school and church, but also the young adults who are thinking of marriage and planning to build up a blessed family.  With the many concepts on family that have arisen in the previous years and the secular view on marriage, this book is surely a guide to understanding that a blessed family is one built according to the original plan of the Lord and is established to give glory to God. This is possible only through using the Bible principles as basis of each member in doing their God-given responsibilities. In this way, a real blessed family is established. – M.L.E.

Learning to Learn (Teacher and Parent Edition)

 by Dr. Paul H. Pang /Translated by Dr. Helen Wong

This book is a unique presentation of ideas of the strategies of effective learning. It primarily bends the goals of parents, students and even teachers to merely spend time in school, completing requirements and following a certain curriculum to finish a course.

However, there is more to spending time and energy doing all these routinary tasks without allowing students to take the basic steps to acquiring knowledge and the skills to benefit from those. There are ten teaching keypoints explained in each chapter such as the primary skills of how to have the desire to learn, how to make good use of your time, how to attend lessons, how to read and how to write. Five other vital key points in teaching and learning follow such as how to remember, how to revise, how to learn art and science subjects and how to take examinations.

“Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave…” 1 Corinthians 9:26-27 as main verse shows that every study must point to a particular objective. Otherwise, all resources ( time, money, effort) will lead to nothing.

 This is a very useful tool and guide for teachers and parents in their goal to effectively train the children not only for learning’s sake or for pleasure but primarily to learn to serve the Lord. In addition to its rich chapters is a portion for teaching evaluation giving reflective questions as teachers go on their task of educating children. It also has a teaching progress chart to help teachers evaluate and measure the development of students in this very important area of learning to learn.

            This book is an eye-opener to teachers and students in all areas of education, especially to Christian education. The many years people spend in school is not guarantee of success in learning. Moreover, as time has proven that not all concepts in various subject areas are beneficial and useful to students, the ability to do self-learning outweighs all other skills, for learning should not stop even after graduation.

            I have made Power point presentations of the Important Key points of this book for use in training our teachers, church leaders, parents and even children. In the future, I plan to teach this book to various schools, churches and groups as the Lord allows me. – M.L.E.

Road to Success- Student Edition by Dr. Paul H. Pang

            This book begins with the encouragement to the reader that one can be on the road to success not by luck or fame or talent but by having the correct goal and perspective in life. As it defines success, there are laws to attain it namely:

  1. Correct concept about success

             This chapter gives brief discussions on how one must view obstacles and difficulties as opportunities for growth. With the principle of Philippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength”, one can be able to overcome problems with confidence. Likewise, the perspective on other people suggests that one must have a servant’s attitude in order to be successful. The world’s system of the successful ones having less work but with higher positions has been disregarded by Jesus in that “He came to serve and not to served.” Lastly, the perspective on self that emphasizes the importance of doing self-analysis and evaluation ( not merely comparing oneself to others) is of high value to success.

  • Clear goals

             Setting a clear goal, improving it from time to time, writing it down and being thoroughly convinced of it as one’s goal make a lot difference. All these principles must be concise from the beginning before even taking the first step to the road to success. Clear goals give focus to one’s action that leads to achievement.

  • Comprehensive plans

             Once clarity of goal is established, simple tasks can be started through proper time management, progress monitoring check-ups and sharing it with a few people who can share the burden or excitement to accomplish the goal

  • Calculating the cost

             Every worthy goal has a high cost so that in this chapter, the primary aim is to inculcate in the reader that success has a price. The readers are encouraged to make a careful analysis of the requirement of success. Moreover, it emphasizes that a worthy goal should not be just to benefit oneself.

  • Current success

                      Reiterating that the past should not be relived be it with success or failure. Rather moving forward to the future is far most important to the road to achievement. The book also suggests the need to evaluate current or present success if it is a force of help or a force of harm. If it is the former, then it must be continued. Otherwise, it must be stopped and evaluated, regardless of the cost one has already put in it.

This book banners the principle that to know, love and obey God is the foundation of true success and that without God in every undertaking, all becomes a failure.

In the succeeding chapters, the Road to Success Student Edition also gives practical methodology on how to have the correct worldview, and enumerates the first step to become successful, how to build good interpersonal relationships, to be trustworthy, to make the right decisions, to face difficulties, to make up for lack of education, to use limited time, and to develop positive thinking.

            Dr. Pang’s life experiences related in the latter chapters motivate the reader to pursue the success road with the correct perspective and right goal. The Key point questions at the end of each chapter also tightens the reader’s knowledge unto thorough understanding and application.  –ML.E.

Quality Teaching

by Dr. Paul Hau Lim Pang Translated by Dr. Edmund J. Saley

This book which was originally written with the aim to provide Christian educators in China ample materials for teaching, provides above-board ideas on improving or much more reforming education everywhere.

It presents the challenge of education to both teachers and parents who at the present time are beset with worries on the instruction to use, methodologies to employ and much more with the results of their efforts upon their children and other learners.  The book unfolds the truth on the need for quality education which is based on the Creator and is therefore built on Biblical foundations. As standards of quality education must be to satisfy the intention of the Creator, a Biblical viewpoint can best guarantee quality teaching. With this truth, the need for research for Christian education is suggested for teachers, the school board, principals, parents and even  students. As its goal is based on Luke 2:52 which is the attainment of the four aspects of growth of Jesus namely: spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.  Amongst these four, spiritual education is pointed as the core of quality education because a student who loves God above all can have the right heart to do things with correct perspective.

This book also presents quality curriculum design so to give the teachers the way to not just sit mindlessly on what their content is in teaching.  The truth, which is found only in the Bible, needs to be taught to students setting aside all other secular views on things and people. Thus the development of a quality curriculum suggests that teachers must consider the subjects which are important to God as part of the curriculum in schools. Likewise, topics which are contrary to Bible truths must be handled carefully.

            Here, the general curriculum contents of foundational knowledge ( 2 Tim.3:16), study methods (Colossians 1:28) , study tools like language, mathematics and computer, and attitude of learning which is based upon faithful study above academic achievement are identified.  This emphasizes that faithfulness is more important than achieving high grades as based on Matthew 25:14-30 and 1 Corinthians 4:1-2).

Chapter 7  teaches about Jesus’ methods and strategies of education which is revealed as through thorough training of a few men. He broke the boundaries of time and space by teaching his disciples to continue on the work of teaching (Mattehw 28:20) . Among His best practices in teaching were through understanding students and giving appropriate method of instruction, arousing interest and building the desire to learn, giving relative content, teaching by both precept and example, and most especially through inspiring and motivating them to learn.

Most notable portion of this book is the discussion on Jesus’ assessment methods base don the parable of the talents on Matthew 25. This particular truth have led us to re-evaluate our school evaluation of students and come up with a revision on the grading system. We now employ the attitude observance above academic performance of children in our school. This learning would surely be shared to other school administrators and teachers who we may have be into genuine Christian education in the future.

The methods of Paul in education is of help as well especially in giving emphasis to the teacher’s call as from God. Teaching with love, by precept, and  by modelling all speak that it is possible for anyone called to be a teacher to pursue till the end of his life. What is notable in Paul is his goal to changing the hearts of people towards obeying the Lord.

A discussion on making Quality lesson Plans is done in Chapter 10 of this book with three steps: prayer, assessment, and research as its core.  With the very rich contents this book has, most worthy of learning are the roles of stakeholders in the school such as : board members who need to do quality decision-making, the principal who are considered education executive and must have the aim to help teachers to succeed in every way; teachers who are major implementers, parents who are commissioners or entrusters of children, students as beneficiaries and the society as supporters.

Best of all, the book ends with the challenge to establish Christian schools which is practically the church’s responsibility in assisting parents to educate their children and in fulfilling the task of daily training the next generation. In addition, it suggests for the establishment of a Christian Quality Education Center which may aim to support sponsoring churches build up quality Christian schools. 

This book is a concrete handbook for all school stakeholders much so for those who are still planning to put up a school for Jesus. –M.L.E.

Too often, we feel the lack of things- knowledge, possession, relationship- only to realize we already have a lot of those in the closet. We attend conferences and refresher courses seeking new ideas from new people.  We allot time and money for some news and information, neglecting the fact that what we hear have been listened to before and the people we meet are just duplicates of those we have interacted a year ago.

Everything appears fresh as dew on green grass.  But like any other discovery, the dew evaporates, leaving nothing but dry leaf on dry ground. To our dismay, what we have thought to improve us, adds nothing but investment on sand.

Moreover, we may feel the urge to be condemned for desecrating and squandering the resources which we have not recognized before. Whew!

The value of stewardship- giving high worth to the things you already have, and the importance of purpose- showing relevance to life, will say it all.

Much time could possibly be wasted and a considerable amount of money  invested for things we put high value on. Either we say we charge it to experience or debit it from our bank account, the consumption has been done.  It is like seeking a teddy bear from a new toy store where a huge Hello Kitty doll just sits by your bed waiting to be hugged everytime you arrive home. It is as  if you were worrying you should rush to a Drive -thru store to get dinner, when your cupboard and refrigerator overflows with your usual but favorite stuffs.

Stewardship then is good application, meaningful purpose and effective use of all imaginable gifts there is. It frees us of worries, offers us a contented life and simplifies our dreams.  It is what most people need in this fast-paced culture and complicated era of wear and tear.

“No star for today,” squirms the teacher as the preschooler hurdles to one side of the classroom, throwing foam blocks to one another.  It is another MOnday morning when after a weekend of homey games and backyard pitches, these tots carry hyperactivity through the school doors and all the way to circle time!

As  I, the teacher,  manage to sit on my lowly chair in front of the mat, I am starting to realize that this Monday would be unusually uneasy.  Four months have passed since I’ve known these three-year olds and sure, they know me as the teacher who gives them the blessing after the “good morning” routine.

I recuperate the times when old rhymes and finger plays would still them to the green rubber mat and there alas– a new lesson would be easily introduced! Each would come forward to  Show and Tell about an object which they brought that day and would gleefully share it with the rest of the class. We would say the sounds of letters and count aloud but today… yes, today seems to be a lot different.

My old antics flared as my kids roamed around the room- hopping and leaping and trying so hard to set my impatience ablaze.  Everyone looks happy and joyful. My initial mood is to get them on their seats and pacify their excitement.  Not until one of them hurries to my lap and kisses me on my cheek, ” We’re happy, teacher! We don’t want any star. let’s just have fun!”

I sat back relaxed on my “lowly” chair and strived hard to make a smile. ” I need to be joyful,too.  I need to be excited for the week.  I need not any star to be happy.  I need to be like these little children who do not worry about anything in life.  The world to them is a big playground and life is the game.  Everybody else around would either be a playmate or a coach. Their time is always a time fore enjoyment and fun- in whatever place they may be in. A star would just be a plus.

“Lord, let me be  like one of these  little children. Let me be trusting in you with even the simplest joys of this life you’ve freely given.” This is another happy Monday alas!

Right in the middle of the worship conference which my husband and I, together with some of our young people in the church endeavored to attend today at the Astrodome,  my heart is filled with so much expectations.Yeah!  I  absolutely feel so much need  or some times of refreshings and zooming to the heart of that city was a great decision I struggled the night before.  I am physically frayed yet my spirit longs for something I sure am missing.  It is certainly forming a big part of me.

Amidst the ” jumpy songs” and tremendous band display, a set of musicians came in.  The worship leader was introduced unlike the first ones who led the singing.  He is definitely so special.  Once for all because he only has a leg and his frail body supported by two steel crutches.  His barong tagalog seems to hang into his slim body while his smile gorgeously appears so true before the crowd.  This guy is lame but his spirit is so whole.

I suddenly felt ashamed  as he led us with the choir.  My heart beats so fast for God.  Much so when I’ve observed that most of his back up singers and musicians are blind and just like him have physical impairments and disabilities.  And he said it!  “Do you ever wonder how a lead worshipper  leads his choir without being able to use hand gestures to signal the chorus or a verse of a song?  How can we ever repeat a line or end the song without direct communication? The Braille method is even unrecognizable.  THIS IS THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN! Our frailties have been turned into strengths by the Lord who has called us to minister to Him and to His people.  ”

Streaks of tears flowed from my eyes as I felt great humiliation.  God can indeed make any infirmity whole.  He can make my loneliness disappear by just being satisfied for being whole.  From then, I could serve Him with all my heart knowing and believing He could adjust the scale of my heart.

I praise Him I could feel heaven’s tempo inside of me.

“I want some ice cream, Mom.”  My only son Jile requests with an anxious grin.  It has been days (or even months!) since our last “ice cream trip”.  My throat sores while his slight cough slowly gets out of the way to our luscious treat of Selecta Cornetto Java at the Select Store where my friend Elle parks her Fofi (short for Ford Fiesta) white car that Thursday afternoon.

I suddenly gave an obnoxious cough to tell my 4-year old that what he wants is impossible.  He reluctantly moved backward the red fridge filled with all sorts of cold and tempting, indulgent frostings.  I see in him  the But as my friend opened the storage, I made up my mind, I’m going to say “yes!” to Jile’s longing for ice cream.  And even while we’re choosing the winning cone flavor, I knew in my mind, I’m making him smile. As I open his, love sparks from his round eyes…as vanilla wraps his sweet mouth.  That moment, all I need to say to myself is that I love to fulfill his simplest wishes.  I went all the way to the lady at the counter and requests for a handful of tissue paper- to wipe the white cream that he licks gleefully in front of  the convenient high chair at that convenient store.  I felt so happy!

Do you know how much God loves us?  He likes to give in to our simple cravings for vanilla ice cream and finds His way to give us the best flavor available in the fridge.  He seeks where a love would sparkle from our eyes so to say we need Him as a loving father.  He loves us more that even if we have slight coughs and colds, He grants us the longings and wishes of our hearts.  Even if there are impossibilities, He paves the way just so to keep us attached to His loving arms. His is a love in an ice cream story.


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